Here’s what some of our customers shared about our CBD products

It just feels good. — Geoff S.


I am not a doctor or a scientist but I read a lot of medical-y stuff and basically humored my partner when he took to dosing himself with the full spectrum hemp extract found on this website. He said it helped “mellow him out,” which he found made him more productive during the day. Whatever.

The thing that interested me more about CBD though was its anti-inflammatory properties. I am over 50, and my body is constantly surprising me with things that hurt for awhile for no reason and then vanish as randomly as they appeared. Recently, my neck was waking me up at least once a night, ouch. Great.

A decade ago, I’d have popped an Advil and wouldn’t have given it another thought. But now NSAIDs are not a good option for me, because they could make my stomach bleed or explode or something. Doctors tell me to take Tylenol for pain instead, but acetaminophen does nothing for inflammation, which pretty sure is the cause of all these old person pangs.

Using dosage guidelines recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, I started taking my partner’s extract twice a day. Almost immediately I felt “less cognizant” of my neck pain (and felt less tension in my shoulders at the end of the day). By the second night, I was sleeping straight through. My neck isn’t 100% but it feels remarkably less troublesome. Almost as good as Advil, but actually much better because my stomach doesn’t burn like the gates of Hell when I take it. In fact, I get a nice overall warm happy feeling about three hours after I take it.

So far, I’ve only been taking CBD a month, too. Looking forward to seeing how a daily regimen over time might help control inflammation systemically, and perhaps lead to less aches and pains in the first place. That’d be awesome but even as a symptomatic remedy alone, I’m very impressed by the results of this CBD. Definitely buying again (and again and again etc). — Carolyn S.