Mission Statement

We are dedicated to sustainability, human rights, diversity, and environmental responsibility. We believe humans have the technology and science necessary to create a safe and fair world for everyone, and reverse the damage we’ve done to our planet. We hope to offer information and products that align with these values and encourage others to do a part to create a world that respects the rights of everyone, reduces impact to the environment, and encourages economic development that incorporates sustainability.

We are as concerned as anyone about the current political, economic , and environmental conditions we face today. So we decided to do our best and encourage others to do the same. We subscribe to numerous non-profits and other organizations highlighting the issues of today and offering solutions or action points. We want to share these with our readers.

When the 2018 Farm Bill was enacted, we started researching industrial hemp. The number of benefits and uses of industrial hemp is almost overwhelming. In addition, the use of industrial hemp can improve farming and manufacturing processes to use less resources and create better products. Learn more how hemp can help save the planet and much more!