I want to make a difference!

There are numerous groups taking action to improve the environment, and human rights. If you’d like to get involved, here are some of the organizations we subscribe to (in no particular order): Clean Air Council Friends of the Earth Action Sunrise Movement Outrider ACLU Food Revolution Network

Creating a Buzz – “Grow Hemp” Field Day

This is not marijuana

There is definitely a buzz. But not the kind you may be thinking. Yesterday I attended the “Grow Hemp” Field Day at Cedar Meadow Farm in Holtwood, PA. A number of experts, farmers, entrepreneurs, curious, and government agency representatives were present, including from the PA Department of Agriculture and the USDA. The most remarkable thing […]

Meet Hemp – One of the Oldest Crops Known to Man

hemp field with barn

This storied weed is one of the oldest crops known to man – and one of the newest industries on the market. Presidents grew it. Colonists depended on it. The Constitution of the United States is written on it. In 1941, Henry Ford created an all-organic car constructed partly of hemp, that even ran on […]